Fund Me Friday: Adventures Everywhere

Coming soon to Kickstarter is Adventures Everywhere: A Comic-Book Anthology for Kids by Nathan Kempf. The pre-sign up is available here to get notified of the launch.


Annecy, FRANCE (10/4/2021) – French comic book creator and letterer, Nathan Kempf, will be launching a brand new Kickstarter campaign bringing together an exciting array of talent from the comic book industry, including Brittany Matter (Off Into the Sunset), Heather Ayres (Kith + Kin), Shadia Amin (Spider-Ham), and Jordan Alsaqa (Raise Hell!), with a foreword by Stephanie Cooke (ParaNorthern and the Chaos Bunny A-hop-calypse, Oh My Gods!). Adventures Everywhere launches on October 15th!

Adventures Everywhere is a comic-book anthology made for kids and young teens, with stories exploring sexual orientation, gender identity, grief, self-acceptance, leaping into the unknown, and so much more, showing young adults that everything can be an adventure if you put your heart into it. The stories themselves range from a fire-breathing hamster on a quest to save baby turtles to a young witch making friends with an invisible glowing cat! Kids will adore the wonderful artwork, the expansive stories, and the wide variety of subject matter. 

Contributing to the anthology Adventures Everywhere are Jason Doring, Micaela Wainstein, Jordan Alsaqa, Shadia Amin, Cheryl-Jean Leo, Kit Fraser, Myrjam Van de Vijver, C.J. Hudson, Anna Frohling, Quade Reed, Micaela Wainstein, Solomon “Sol” St. John, Christopher Doray, Kayla Dean, Seth Tamarkin, Kenkaiart, Casper Manning, Heather Ayres, Greville Jacques, Brittany Matter, David Brothers, Andrew Meyerhoefer, Seth Kumpf, Tiffany Babb, Micaela Wainstein, John Smith, and Shannon Smith.

“With everything happening lately, from a pandemic to the ever-growing division in our society, I believe it is important to give kids hope about what the future holds, to tell them they will discover who they are even if it takes time, and for them to know they can make their life what they want it to be. I truly hope having this book out in the world will help the young people who read it.” -Nathan Kempf

The Kickstarter campaign will be asking for $13,500 USD to send Adventures Everywhere to print.

For more information about Adventures Everywhere and Nathan’s other works visit his Twitter and the prelaunch page for the Kickstarter: HERE.


Adventures Everywhere is the brainchild of Nathan Kempf. Nathan is best known for his acclaimed lettering work in the comic book industry, including Deadbox for Vault and Blood on Sunset for Source Point Press. 

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