Review: Bigfoot Frankenstein #1

Out now from Action Lab, Bigfoot Frankenstein #1 is a new series.

Witness the creation of a new kind of hero!

When the last remaining tribe of Sasquatches is wiped out, the heir to the legendary Frankenstein name decides to do what they do best – create new life from the parts!

Welcome Bigfoot Frankenstein to the world, but will he be a saviour or a destroyer?

By Mark Bertolini & Vernon Smith

This new series cunningly combines some classic tropes, classic monsters, some great humour and some interesting fourth-wall breaks. Adding to that it does have some heart and an interesting story to go with it.

Starting us off we see the fate of the last tribe of Sasquatches – hunted down and left for dead. This is where Frankenstein comes in. Related, of course, to the classic Frankenstein of stitching parts up and using lightning. This Frankenstein has ideas of his own here, and after stumbling on the dead remains of the Bigfoots (Bigfeets?) he decides to try some family history.

The success of this has the two on a road trip to find those responsible for the death of the tribe.

Yes, it looks like there is more to go with that, with mysterious individuals, one of which we meet at the end of the issue. What his deal is we don’t know, but it doesn’t look good. Frank – our stitched together Sasquatch – is an interesting character. There is some well-done rage there, but he keeps it under control and is a bit of a gentle giant.

There is some fun humour here too – taking the fourth wall narration and having it be more of a running commentary, with a suitable amount of snarky comments. Some things are explained – like the equipment – and it made me smile throughout.

I enjoyed the art style in this comic, it had some good scenes, and the characters all seem well defined – there are some right colour choices too.

This is a fun #1 and introduction to the story – some good starts for characters, with a promise of more to come. A good read.

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