Review – Transformers: Shattered Glass #2

From IDW Publishing this week is the second issue of their Transformers alternate universe series – Transformers: Shattered Glass #2.

Shattered Glass isn’t your average Transformers tale… “Shards” is the story of the ongoing battle between the power-hungry Autobot autocrats and the freedom-fighting Decepticon laborers. Join author Danny Lore (James Bond, King in Black: Captain America, Champions) in exploring this fractured alternate universe just before it shatters.

In issue #2, Megatron is the only bot who can stop the three Autobot warlords from acquiring information that could reignite the war, but can he forgive his past mistakes and take up the mantle of Deception leader again?

Danny Lore (Author) Daniel Khanna (Artist) Alex Milne (Cover Artist)

After the first issues conversations, we get to Megatron. Starscream has found him and it has cost him. Starscream is in a bad way after his battle and adventures with Blurr last issue and is in need of repair. The fact that he is by the Sea of Rust (featured currently in the main series) isn’t helping as it is eating away at him.

Megatron does seem to think twice about helping him, but he does, and he seems to have thoughts as to why his former soldier had come to see him.

What follows is an interesting set of flashbacks from two different sources – why have no independent ‘bot here to confirm which is closer to the truth. There are similarities in these stories of the early days of the war, and the final throws, but the feeling behind them is very different. This seems to be a very different Starscream and Megatron to what we are used to.

The stories are interesting, and we get to see a little more as to what was hinted at in the first issue. The way the Autobot foot soldiers and guards are with those that they believe are beneath them. Megatron is front and centre here and throwing his weight around. His cause does seem more sympathetic though, and that adds to the intrigue of the plans.

Megatron seems more broken down mentally here, ready to be left alone and to die. Starscream seems more idealistic here and has more hero-worship of Megatron – an interesting mix.

The art works well, with a good look at the broken-down, damage of the to Decepticons showing well – the art style for the two different types of flashbacks is interesting too.

The finish makes us think that the war may not be over – a good and interesting ending…

Get Transformers: Shattered Glass #2 from IDW Publishing here.

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