Reviews: Grimm Tales Of Terror & Jasmine

Some thoughts on the latest digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment – including Grimm Tales of Terror and the final issue of the Jasmine mini series!

Jasmine: Crown of Kings #5

The dramatic– and possibly cataclysmic– conclusion as the CROWN OF KINGS IS ASSEMBLED and JASMINE must fight against Ali, the last of the Jinn, and an ancient GOD!

Howard Mackie – Writer
Geebo Vigonte – Cover Artist
Ian Richardson – Variant Cover Artist
Josh Burns – Variant Cover Artist

The final part of this mini series and Jasmine has finally stopped chasing and worked it all out. Well, mostly, there was an interesting surprise, but that didn’t take away from Jasmine’s plan! This was a slower issue, but it was still good. We got an Aladdin pun from Jasmine, as well as some interesting parts that come out of it all. The flashback sequence was interesting, and that could be a plot point that is picked up in the future. The ending finished well too, Jasmine is a more secure character now, and knows her place in this world a bit better now.

Grimm Tales of Terror Vol.4 #6

Harry Prest has it all: a hot-shot job at a top design agency in Manhattan, a beautiful, lavish home that overlooks the New York Skyline, and an even more beautiful wife. But when he starts to receive strange, cryptic text messages from a phone number he doesn’t recognize, everything starts to crumble.

Harvey Tolibao – Cover Artist
Daniel Leister – Variant Cover Artist
Noah Salonga – Variant Cover Artist

Straight from the off, we know that Harry isn’t a nice guy. He’s cheating on his wife and he’s got a kid on the way!
The build up to this is really well done, at first we think that Harry is just an nasty piece of work, but as the flashbacks continue, we realise that there is more to it. This goes back to his college days and it’s pretty dark. The twist you can see coming, but the finish not so much – although it was a good read!

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