Box 13 #13 & The Series (iPhone)

Writer: David Gallaher
Art By: Steve Ellis

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Dan is forced to make a choice that will have dire consequences for his future. Will BOX 13 claim him as a victim? Unravel the mystery in this thrilling conclusion.

The conclusion to this awesome comic has proved a success – the page turning exploits will you to want and read more.
I do hope there is more to come from this team!
The story continues to move on at a fast pace – giving us some, but not all of the information at the end.
This comic is to be produced as a graphic novel in May, and this bold experiment has one more leg to go – how well this will sell!

I see this as a success story, showing what potential iPhone/iPad/digital comics can do. Written for the iPhone, this comic is forcing us to think of a different similie to ‘page turner’ – ‘screen swiper’ perhaps?

As a free download, this is one of the most popular series on the iPhone, and I will be getting the hard copy to add to my collection.

David Gallaher’s writing is excellent,  crafting a fast paced story, allowing bits of information to drip through, but making us beg for more.

Steve Ellis’s art always impresses me, using the style of the story telling to affect his art. Easy on the eye and will look great printed.

This is a 5 Star Series!

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