Sanford Park (Webcomic)

Sanford’s Park is a typical suburban-style city park. It has a playground, jogging trail and picnic pavilion. There is a pond, and surrounding wooded areas criss-crossed with streams and small trails that kids like to explore.

Sanford is just your common everysquirrel trying to get by in the park. He can be a bit cynical about some things, but generally has to admit that he enjoys his life, even when he doesn’t understand it.

Curly (the chipmunk) considers squirrels to be the “cool kids” of the parks’ inhabitants: they’re more outgoing and their tails are flashier. Consequently, he plays the part of sidekick or tag-along whenever he can.

Tweedly (the bird), with his similar treetop vantage point, also observes the comings and goings in the park, but with a more happy-go-lucky eye. He spends a lot of time trying to live up to the highest callings of bird-dom, but ultimately feels that every situation will eventually work itself out.

Other animals like lizards, fish, owls, ducks and various bugs live in the park and each have their own idiosynchrises that play into the overall tone of things.

Humans are weird. They don’t live in the park, they just come for short visits. They don’t seem to be able to understand any animals outside their own species. They seem to either be engaged in the most pointless of activities or just sitting there looking at things. And the animals have yet to figure out what the “playground” is supposed to be about.

Daniel Barcroft, as you may have surmised, loves cartoons. He worked four years as the award-winning Editorial Cartoonist, Illustrator, Humor Columnist and sometime Features Editor for ACU’s student newspaper, The Optimist. He intermittently updated his first comic strip, Fresh Fish (read by an estimated 12 people) from 2006-9. He’s also worked in the radio broadcasting and education fields, and does some freelance illustration and design work.

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Sanford Park has only been going a short amount of time, so its now a good time to jump on. A newspaper strip ‘Over The Hedge’ style comic. Animals are always fun. We are still getting to grips on the characters, but its worth while.

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