Zuda April: Mr. Trildok Sings the Blues

Meet Trildok, demonic spawn of the abyss and harbinger of doom to all mankind. For centuries, Trildok has waged war against humanity, only to be stopped by his eternal arch-foe: the immortal hero known as Rangar. But now, with victory finally within his grasp, Trildok finds himself thwarted by an entirely new foe: manic depression. Personal problems have sent the demon spiraling into a quagmire of self-help books, internet dating, and comfort food. One man knows the source of Trildok’s woes, but is helping the demon condemning the future of mankind? And is a creature born of hellfire even capable of finding true happiness? The answer may be found someday but, for the time being, Mr. Trildok sings the blues.

At first glance I didn’t want to like this comic – page one put me off, but as I got into it, I really enjoyed it. Until page 8…
The art in this story is really nice – with some fine line work and inks, combined with some great colours and text boxes.
The story on the otherhand was not to my liking. Page one I can get over – on second reading it makes a great introduction. Page eight on the other hand let me down – I get the feeling of predictability come over me, the story could work, just with tweeks.
Sorry – not my thing!
2 Stars

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