What comics are allowed?

Apple are notorious about what apps are allowed on the app store – no porn, no boobies (unless you are Playboy) no violence and no violent cursing comics – unless you are Marvel!
Now there are comics out there which would not be allowed on the app store – The Boys for example by Dynamite comics and created by Garth Ennis would not make it on iTunes!
Kick Ass though is!
This is a graphic comic, awesome, but graphic!
So where is the line drawn?
That leads me to ‘Jesus Hates Zombies’. I discovered this comic on the ComicSpace website as a teaser. Then it faded away…

Fastforward a few years I see it come up on the comixology app! Excellent! I thought and was planning to download it on my next run.
Then it dissapeared, a victim of the Apple censorship policy.
Now Jesus Hates Zombies is a black and white comic which has Jesus fighting Zombies (which is odd as some people consider Jesus a zombie!!!)
There is some violence, but nothing as bad as you would see in Zombies of Mass Destruction or any other Zombie comic!
It must be Jesus – fine!
This is where it gets odd – a few months later Comixology release the Image Comic ‘The Pro’ – a graphic crude comic (still worth a read though!)

So the only difference I can see is the ‘Jesus factor! because The Pro is by far a more offencive comic than JHZ!
I would allow my son to read JHZ, but not The Pro (yet)

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