Good Bye Zuda

Zuda have posted a final update and good bye as the imprint closes and all comes under the DC banner.

ZUDA COMICS went live in October 2007 after a bleary-eyed and exhausting 48-hour, non-stop, final development push. It was a moment of cautious pride initiating a brash experiment.

DC Comics had never done anything quite like ZUDA before; a mash-up of comics and social media, talent search and think tank. It had supporters, detractors, loyalists and cynics. Unfortunately, as a whole, ZUDA just never quite seemed to fit with DC Comics. Three years later it was time to close shop.

But something interesting happened along the way. Within that rag-tag assemblage there were a wealth of very specific achievements; how to manage editorially driven webcomics, how to structure online talent submissions, how to build a community from scratch, file size, format and aspect ratio specifications, storytelling techniques, web-to-print workflow…the list goes on.

Yes, ZUDA COMICS is over. The website and the imprint are gone.

However, that isn’t quite the end of the story.

We’re working with Jim Lee, John Rood and others on ways to take everything we’ve learned from ZUDA and combine it with new ideas for something that is, with a little luck, bigger and better. We”ll keep you up to date, work-in-progress style, as THE COLLECTIVE migrates from the “Official Blog of Zuda Comics” to “The Official Production Blog of DC Online.”

In the meantime we’re also going to continue to release the remaining series through our current digital publishing outlets – comiXology and Sony. Please support those guys with as much passion in those new outlets as you did when they were on the site. They’ve earned it.

Finally, thanks to all of the creators, contributors and fans – ZUDA COMICS would literally not have been possible without you.


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