Graphic.Ly: Marvel on Android, Raising Amy, 31 & The Harlem Shadow

Following the big announcement that Graphic.Ly are now on Android – something was brought to my attention: This will be the first time that Marvel Comics will be available on Android phone and mobile devices. This brings a whole new aspect to the mobile/digital wars!

Graphic.Ly release new comics everyday – so here is what has been released this past week – highlights include:

Raising Amy #2

Raising Amy #2

Amy is a little girl with attitude! Her life is never dull, there’s always a parent to terrorize or a stuffed animal to mutilate. The babysitter, Flower, knows it’s dangerous work, but the parents pay well. Flower must also contend with the unwanted attentions of lovesick Dick, the friendly neighborhood stalker. Raising Amy! She’s ginger, she’s crazy, she’s armed and she’s Scottish. Just be thankful that she’s not yours!

The Harlem Shadow #1

The Harlem Shadow #1
DreamSpin Entertainment

The Harlem Shadow-The first Black paranormal crime-fighter to hit the streets of New York around 1930. Known for his scary appearance, his vicious hand-to-hand combat skills and his mastery of two revolvers, used to maim his enemies. In 1950 as a result of the Black Mask Act, Harlem Shadow was hunted down by NYC Police, lynch mob style, and unmasked. His name was Linden Somerset, a school teacher and librarian, and he served a twenty year jail sentence at Alcatraz Island. This is his story.

31 #1

31 #1

31 is a spy, who has no name. When his cover is blown, and his sister is taken hostage he must rely on his training to save her. He returns to the states with a vengeance to protect not just her, but his integrity as a black ops operative. After being disbanded, he turns to private consulting for money, however when the Cuban incident goes public as does his identity, he is forced back in to the spy game to save his life.

Here are the books we released in the past week:


31 #1

5th Dimension

1st Man #1

Betty #186-188, 190

Archie and Friends All-Stars #2-3

Veronica #200-203

Archie #595

BOOM! Studios

Zombie Tales: The Dead #1-2

Cthulhu Tales #7-9

Cthulhu Tales: One Shot #2

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dust to Dust #8

Farscape #15

DreamSpin Entertainment

The Harlem Shadow #1


Baby Boomers #1-2

Beowulf GN

Breathe #3

Dark Mists #3

Eleventh Hour V1 Part 1-2

Freeman #1

Indifference Engine #2

Midnight Kiss #3-4

Project Eon #1-3

Raising Amy #2

Smoke and Mirror #1-2

The Boy Who Made Silence #1-3

Fractures GN

Freeman #2

Harker #3

Hero 9 to 5 #1

The Dark #3

The Lexian Chronicles #03

Turkey Grove Farms #1

Red Stylo Media

Azteca #2

Saint James Comics

Ex Occultus: Wakefield’s Journal – She Lives Still Rules #1

Shatterday Comics

The Everlasting Return of mR. mILDEW #1

Top Cow

Angelus #2-6

Broken Trinity #1-2

CyberForce #1-6

Tracker #4-5

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