Webcomic: Jake The Evil Hare

After San Monto Laboratories shut down its animal testing, an adoption program was created to place the mutant talking animals into society. Nadine Richards, a young lawyer from Trenton, NJ, ‘adopted’ Jake in 1998, but was not informed that Jake came from the BioWeapons Division,complete with genetically engineered destructive tendencies.

Jake had also picked up some bad habits,  namely smoking, swearing, and assassinations. Within the first few months of the adoption, Jake was wanted for  a series of brutal killings of African warlords and dictators. He was later exonerated under the Anthropomorphic Assimilation and Accountability Act, which granted amnesty to all ‘anthros’ for misguided behavior attributable to their San Monto training. Subsequently, Jake’s attempts to register as a super hero were thwarted when the leader ofFISH (the Federation of Incognito Super Heroes) arranged for Jake to be blamed for the crimes of Winston Gadareno (aka the Belgian Hare), includng over 100 murders.
Shortly after this, Jake participated in a ‘Rematch Race’ against a tortoise known as Herbie. Herbie drugged Jake’s carrot juice, enusring himself a victory and large winnings in the 200 to 1 betting pool. He then anonymously wired half the funds to an account registered to Jake’s thumbprint. In late 1998, Jake mysteriously disappeared and was presumed dead by his few friends. Nothing is known of his whereabouts or activities during that time, though it is suspected that he may have been involved in black ops missions for the PWN, also known as Penguins With Nukes.
Several months ago, Nadine Richards was walking home and found Jake lying unconscious with a duffel bag stufed with $100 bills.
Jake has recently taken up a secret identity as a janitor named Jacob Santiago, working for Sweepy’s Janitorial Service and Supply, which he owns through a holding company. He lives with his legal guardian and attorney, Nadine Richards, and has lately decided to forgo the formalities and operate as an unlicensed super hero.


.Jake the Evil Hare is one of the new breed of webcomics – a long sequential webcomic, which has now spread to print and digital publishing.

This is a fun comic, which will translate well over to print publishing or reading as a PDF. As a webcomic its excellent. Having an ‘evil’ hare as the main protagonist is and excellent idea and this comic works. It’s a good fun read with clever characters and ideas. I would recommend this and make sure you add it to your RSS feed. The art is sharp and interesting. There are some excellent pages here which work well with the story. The themes of the story arc are excellent and readable.

An excellent addition to the webcomics genre!


There are presently over 90 pages online, and the first 2 issues are available in print from IndyPlanet

There are presently over 90 pages online, and the first 2 issues are available in print from IndyPlanet

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