Review: Abyss: Family Issues #2

Red 5 do come up with some gems!

If you discovered that your father was the world’s biggest super-villain and your long lost mother was a superhero, you’d have issues, too. But Eric Hoffman has a new complication in his life – a super-step father that’s not too happy to see him!

When I started getting into mobile comics – all that time ago. Abyss was one of the first series I read. And I really enjoyed it. So I was glad to see a follow up mini series.

Although issue #1 got off to a slow start, #2 hits the ground running with some excellent story telling.

The art here is smooth and well done, with some tight pencils and some wonderful angles! REDS is exactly as you would imagine and there are some excellent colours in this too!

The story is well written with some brilliant gags written in – see who you recognise in jail!

I especially liked the Hunter S Thompson quote too!

Family issues is (hopefully) being released today – day and date with the print copy and I urge you to pick this up and the preceding series! Some good fun super-hero action with a nice twist.

I am eager to read #3 now as the cliffhanger at the end makes you want more!


Written: Kevin Rubio
Art: Alfonso Ruiz
Colors: Garry Henderson
Letters: Troy Peteri

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