Preview – Kulipari: Heritage

August 1, 2016 Michael Nimmo 0

Based on the Netflix Original Series, begins immediately after KULIPARI ends. Burnu, leader of the poison frogs, the protectors of the outback, has been sent on a secret mission to find the original source of […]

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Review: Abyss: Family Issues #2

April 6, 2011 Michael Nimmo 0

Red 5 do come up with some gems! If you discovered that your father was the world’s biggest super-villain and your long lost mother was a superhero, you’d have issues, too. But Eric Hoffman has […]

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Red5 App: Coming Soon?

July 8, 2010 Michael Nimmo 0

Red5 Comics the publishers of the awesome Atomic Robo and We Kill Monsters have confirmed that they will soon be on the app bandwagon with Comixology developing a standalone app. This follows on with the […]

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Digital Spotlight: Drone

June 23, 2010 Michael Nimmo 0

In the near future, the United States transforms warfare by testing lethal remote-controlled robotic drones on the front lines. To the world’s other powers, the technology is something to be coveted and stolen. To a […]

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FCBD – Mobile

June 13, 2010 Michael Nimmo 0

Following last months ‘Free Comic Book Day’ I wondered how soon it would be until we saw them on the mobile platform. Well Red 5 have released the FCBD 2010 issue of Atomic Robo on […]