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“Masks” is a photographic poem and exploration into the nature of identity. The story takes place inside the psyche of a girl named Sara. Sara sees pieces of the past lives of others and memories of her own as she follows a phantom killer and his victims through a distorted reality.

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Wow! – Lets get this straight first of all. I am a digital comics fan. This is not to say that I dislike print media – quite the opposite, but that is what I am all about here at 3MY.

With that said, after reading this amazing atmospheric comic, I want it in print. I want it as a huge library edition. I want it on my coffee table (if I had one) so guests could come round and get dragged in to this amazing piece of work

A distorted sense of reality, a mixture of art and photographs and a excellent story/poem to boot, this is a different comic.

This is something to show your friends that sequential art isn’t just about capes and guns. This is a work of art.

Pages from this comic could be hung around your house, drawing wonder from all.

Septagon Studios have another gem on their hands – along with an eager market as MASKS was previewed along with an innovative package on Graphic.Ly with Gator Butch.

MASKS is a three part story, which guides you around a vision of reality with some stunning visuals. The story twists and turns and brings you around leaving you with an amazing reading sensation.

MASKS is available on iPhone and iPad and makes for an amazing reading experience.

Aaron Rintoul has Illustrated numerous comics for California horror publisher Asylum Press and is the Illustrator and author of the critically acclaimed graphic novel and comic series “Masks” from publisher Septagon Studios. Rintoul has created concept and cover art for film, music and television for clients like Universal Studios and Frantic Films. Using a blend of surreal photography and digital painting Aaron has brought something truly original to the comic medium.


Masks Comic Trailer from Septagon Studios Inc on Vimeo.

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