Review: Eldritch!

ANYA SOBCZEK (SUB-CHECK) is a snarling science major with an arm full of Darwin tattoos. Her brother OWEN is a sensitive young thing in a coven of teenage occultists. The Sobczek sibs have always been brutally competitive, but now that Owen’s blood has started BUBBLING with ancient tentacled abominations, their rivalry’s about to enter a vast new dimension

Following on from my preview of Eldritch! in May the title is now out there and available and I got the chance to review it!

But first some history…

Eldritch is a former Zuda competitor and when search 3MY for the preview I posted I realised that it was familiar.

I had previously reviewed Eldritch when Zuda was up and running back in April of 2010!

So let’s see what I said…

Ok – Confession here: I hated this comic…….at first, but after I got over my initial shock, I really enjoyed this!
The first page did put me off, i’ll admit, but as the pages went on I found myself inching closer and closer to the screen. To take in more of this.
The art was dark and daring, with a Templesmith feel to it. The story grows on you and then leaves you on a cliffhanger – with only the synopsis to show you where this story is going to go…
The story could be expanded in a large way and be highly enjoyable.
There is a lot of speaking in these 8 pages, so hopefully there will be a little more decompression as the story continues. Added to my favourites in the hope that it is carried on in some form.

Following that Eldritch got my vote for that week and ended up winning!

Well now its back and has some changes.


Eldritch is 27 pages which feels like more. With the detail of the art and and the action in the storytelling you feel you are reading a graphic novel. Only when I got the the final page did I look up and see that it was only 27 pages.

The story keeps you sucked in, turning page after page you can’t wait to see what happens next and now I’m waiting for the next issue!

The art is comical and dark at the same time with some excellent facial expressions like the ones above. This is what comics are all about – engaging fun stories with art to make you feel!.

Reading this shows I was right to vote for this as a Zuda competitor and I’m right to recommend it again.

There are eight ways to get your hands on Eldritch! so don’t delay!

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