Digital Comics Reviews: Adventure Time, Blindside, The Rocketeer & More

Reviews of some of the digital comics available this week:

This weeks titles are Mars Attacks, The Rocketeer, Super Dinosaur, The Crow, Adventure Time, America’s Got Powers, Archie, Blindside, Deadhorse, Flip Relapse, Invincible, The Bionic Man & Dragons Bane

Mars Attacks #3 From IDW Publishing:

This is a nice and fun in parts one-shot story giving an insight into the Martian invasion. The humour is interchanged with grim battles and more morbid parts. We get a look at the Martian skill of giant insects and humanities reaction to them.

The first four pages give us a nice set up to the rest of the stories with some then/now parts.

Interspersed within the story are some nice touches with trading cards of the attack!
The art is excellent, with sufficiant amounts or gore and humour on each page. Mars Attacks was not one of my first picks, but I was glad I picked this one up and if anyone is interested in the series, then this is a good one to try.

The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #1 From IDW Publishing

The Rocketeer goes from strength to strength with this new series. The cover is excellent and adds to the ‘classic’ feel of the story. Set in the 1940’s this has all the classic tropes that work so well with this character. The art is excellent with a retro feel without looking dated.
The writing is well paced and flips well from action, to charactisation to intreague.
As an issue #1 this works very well with the set up for the rest of the story. There’s not much else you need to know about the character – no real backstory or canon to worry about – this is a good read.

Super Dinosaur #13 From Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment

Super Dinosaur continues on well – avoiding the chance that the story may drop in quality after the first arc. The story is split here, with Derek & the Exile in inner earth finding out some new information and Super Dinosaur going ‘home’ with the rest of the team. We get some glimpses here of what the future may hold and a different look at The Exile in a kind of Jor-El role! We also get a nice double cliffhanger at the end!
The art continues at an excellent standard, and you can tell that the artist is having fun with all the situations.

The Crow: Midnight Legends – Dead Time Volume 1 From IDW Publishing 

Collecting The Crow: Dead Times #1-3 This is a change of pace from the others I read this week.
Although starting hard, this title draws you in, with a tale of bloody revenge (it’s The Crow, what do you expect.) It gives a nice twist of revenge, with the revenge happening to the souls rather than the people immediately. Although a little confusing at first, you soon get into it. The art is dark and dank, in the mood of the story, but there are some excellent panels here and those make it worthwhile.
If you are a fan of the series and genre, this works out very well and should be a good read.

Adventure Time #7 From Kaboom Studios

I’ve never read Adventure Time before, but I really enjoyed this! With such a variety of ideas in this comic, it’s really hard to think of where to start! I especially like the comments from the writer at the bottom of each page.
With so much going on in this story, it’s well worth reading twice, as you think you missed something.
The art is fun and bright, even in the darker times!


America’s Got Powers #3 From Image Comics

As we reach the halfway point in this mini series, all the key players are moving into place and we are seeing how everything all fits together. A nice universe has been crafted here and we are understanding the motivations of all involved.
I’ve still no idea how this is all going to end, but I can see where (possibly) #5 may be going!
The art continues on at it’s high standard – with some nice big scenes which make this so compelling!
This is going to be nice as a collection!

Archie #636 From Archie Comics

We a guest appearance from Sabrina (the teenage witch) we get some gender swapping between the characters. There are some fun parts here and some realizations by the characters – A good Saturday afternoon fare!

Blindside #1 From Contraband Comics

In the strictest sense this is not a new characters – is is an old creation of a the creator which has been funded via kickstarter. What starts as a generic super/spy affair, quickly moves into some excellent action scenes and physiological battles.
The art, although at first seems a bit generic, quickly improves and grows over the course of the issue and has some excellent spread pages with the statistic in on them.
The first third of the story really starts you off on the wrong foot, and when you get into the second act within the story you get a feel for what it’s all about.
There are some excellent ideas here – and a good reason for digital comics, as this wouldn’t get the exposure it should be given.

Deadhorse #3 from 215 Ink

Although, not a title I would have picked up, I caught up well thanks to an excellent ‘previously’ at the beginning, The art is excellent, with some well placed scenes and angles in the story. The Sasquatch is an excellent character and not what you think – the cover bodes well for that part.
The flashback scenes work well and just give you enough to keep you interested.
I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Flip Relapse #1/2 From CCP Comics

As an introductory issues this issue #1/2 introduces the start to the series. We get the super group and a glimpse into their own powers and what motivates them. Sometimes these issues work well before the whole series and this looks like one of them.
There are some interesting points here and hopefully the things that work will be left in.

Invincible #94 From Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment

As the build up to issue #100 we get a nice issue showing the battles on the Flaxian planet with Monster Girl and Robot. It’s well crafted and has some genuine moments.
There are some brilliant scenes where romance, violence and humour all have their places.
This is a good on shot read for people who know the characters but may have dropped out for a while!
I’m glad Invincible has carried on so far and I look forward to what is coming next!

The Bionic Man #12 From Dynamite Entertainment

Unbound by the limits of TV and Movies, this series can really take off. It still manages to hark back well to the series.
What starts with a simple rescue mission rapidly degenerates to something more with some new threats for Steve Austin.
I really enjoy the art in this series it gives an excellent retro feel, but with a modern twist.
The story starts well with the rescue, but we get some foreboding for the future and a gruesome cliffhanger. This is a good start to the arc and a nice point to pick up from for new readers

Dragonsbane #3 From Dynamite Entertainment

Some swords and sorcery from Dynamite and Alex Ross here. There are some excellent action scenes here and some excellent ideas about elementals, in insides from demons from hell and different people speaking different languages.
At first I thought the art was a little too busy, but I soon enjoyed it and opened up to it.
Although I hadn’t read any of the other issues I found this easy to read.



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