Review: Trifecta

Available digitally from the 2000AD online store – this combines the crossover in last years excellent crossover in 2000AD!

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Mega-City One, 2134 AD. While a severely depleted Justice Department struggles to cope in the aftermath of Chaos Day, Judge Dredd becomes aware of a potential power grab from within. Meanwhile ‘Wally Squad’ gumshoe Jack Point is given a mysterious doll to safeguard, and Dirty Frank wakes up on Luna-1 only to discover that he is now a board member of Overdrive Inc.!

It’s business as (un)usual for the three Mega-City One lawmen, and as their cases intertwine they’ll need to work together in order to save the city from total destruction!


BULLET TO KING FOUR (2000AD prog 1803)
JOKERS TO THE RIGHT (2000AD progs 1804-1811)
SAUDADE (2000AD progs 1805-1811)
THE COLD DECK (2000AD progs 1806-1811)
TRIFECTA (2000AD prog 1812)

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This was possibly one of the best crossovers I have read – although there have been crossovers in 2000AD before – Batman/Judge Dredd, Strontium Dogs/Judge Dredd – doing it in one single comic is a difficult thing to do!

Combining the Mega City One Judges – Dredd, Point and Frank we get three different creative teams combing well to form three threads into one story. This collection gives us it all!

Starting with Dredd we get the re-orginisation of the Judges and Dredd’s reaction – we’ve always known that there is potential for a Judge to go bad (Cal is the example cited here) and this is weighing on Dredd’s mind. He’s not just paranoid, they are out to get him, and we get the unexpected help towards the end of the original arc.

At the same time, Wally Squad Judge Point gives us a more noir feel to the underbelly of Mega City One – this is a darker story than Dredd – in tone as well as art, but it all fits in well. As with previous ‘Simping Detective’ stories there’s a dark humour here as well as a fun internal monologue. We get a look at the second part of the plot hinted in Dredd, but no real reference to the fact that these two are connecting!

The third part of this trio is Dirty Frank who finds himself onboard the third part of the plot – although he doesn’t know it (or much else) there’s some crazy fun here, with Frank’s external monologue! Again there are some new characters here, who are well fleshed out and add to the fray of it all!

All these separate stories are brought together in a a smooth an logical way – ending with a final issue which covered a whole issue of 2000AD. The separate art styles mesh well as does the story telling.

This is a crossover to talk about!

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