Review: Doing Time

Free from Prison. Trapped in time. Doing Time is an original graphic novel about a colorful cast of convicts running for freedom while the law, and time itself, closes in on them.


Not all the characters are ‘nice’ in a good twist here, only one of the characters are a ‘wronged convict’ the rest are, for want of a better word – bastards!
Killers, white supremists and arsonists, we get a fun romp through time with dinosaurs, the civil war (and combined), knights and Romans. It’s a fun 70-odd pages which works it way through all the characters in a fun way. It’s also violent, rude and exciting! Our heroes find a way out of a super prison, and find that they are already out of time!
There are other plots here, with shadowy organisations as well as scenes from history. This is an excellent read if you are looking for something different in a done-in-one story for a good digital price!
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