Review: Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic #1

Deadpool has tangled with vampires before, but is he ready…to work for them?! Dracula has an important package he needs delivered safely, so he hires the Merc with the Mouth to get the job done! This 13-part series will leave a Deadpool changed man, leading to major changes in his series come April!


Marvel Comics new infinite comic come to us presenting Deadpool! and Vampires! This is a well crafted and fun read – obviously not as serious as the Iron Man one before it, but works well. We get a good introduction for new readers about Deadpool and what to expect, and then we’re off. I must say I really enjoyed the ‘title sequence’ and found myself moving through the panels at a rhythm!

I’m looking forward to seeing where this story goes as I’ve been on a bit of a Deadpool break recently and want to read him again!

My usual grip – and those on the Facebook page and Twitter would have heard this – why not use the infinite or digital only process for lesser well known characters – to introduce them to new audiences on the cheap?

And also…I thought Vampires could no longer enter Britain? See Captain Britain & MI:13 – Vampire State!


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