Review: REACH #1

September 13, 2015 Michael Nimmo 0

Hands of Red A band of disgruntled knights are hired to steal from the King. The heist runs the gamut of death, destruction, and desire, with a return on treasures of unknown power. But betrayal […]

Review: Satanic Hell #1

January 16, 2015 Michael Nimmo 1

Broke and directionless, the three members of the metal band Satanic Hell arrive in Texas for a chance tour set up by a mysterious promoter named Sam. Death Priest, Dante, and Exodus quickly find trouble […]

Digital Comics Preview: Cascade 1

February 3, 2014 Michael Nimmo 1

New to DriveThruComics and currently under review at Comixology for their Comixology Submit Program from Red Branch Publications Click The Images For Bigger! Upon hearing news of hi fiancee Sue’s pregnancy, Mark takes her home […]

Digital Comics Review: Bad Blood #1

January 6, 2014 Michael Nimmo 0

Getting bitten by a vampire pissed him off. Seeing his best friend brutally slaughtered started a war. Trick was a typical college student—sort of—until vampires attacked. Then he found out his blood was poison to […]

Digital Comics Preview: Prime-8’s #1

November 21, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

Monkeybrain Comics have released a preview of Prime-8’s #1 $.99 – Ages 9+ – These eight super-powered primates were once the greatest fighting force known to man, and the Earth’s truest defenders. Having disbanded after averting […]

Digital Comics Preview: D4ve #1

November 21, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

Monkeybrain Comics have released a preview of D4ve #1 $.99 – Ages 17+ – Mid-life. Crisis. D4VE, the defense-bot-turned-desk-slave, withers away at a soul-sucking day job, quitely dreaming of his monster-punching past. Unbeknownst to him-yet-new alien […]

Review: Protectors Inc #1

November 12, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

  Protectors, Inc.: Heroes in a world without super-powered bad guys. Heroes with corporate sponsors and far too polite rivalries and sporting franchises. Heroes without anything or anyone to fight…until one of them is murdered […]

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