Get The Drawn World On Graphicly now!

March 21, 2012 Michael Nimmo 0

A new quarterly digital comic available for $1 for the first issue! Coming out in March 2012 through Graphicly is The Drawn Word, Christopher Irving’s new quarterly digital comics magazine. With contributions from past GNYC writers Jared Gniewek and Ben […]

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WOWIO: The First Daughter #1

May 28, 2010 Michael Nimmo 0

In Keenspot’s first made-for-mobile comic book series, the Commander-in-Chief isn’t the only one in the family with presidential powers. In this fantastic first issue, first daughter Tasha Tasker learns her position calls for more responsibility […]

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Hybrid #1 (iPhone)

April 16, 2010 Michael Nimmo 1

Hybrid from Studio 407 by Peter Kwong & Pablo Churin When four friends decide to rent a schooner for the day, everything is smooth sailing until they encounter a derelict ship adrift in the ocean […]

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House of Twelve Monthly #1

April 9, 2010 Michael Nimmo 1

“This debut issue contains new work from Miss Lasko-Gross, who departs from her award-winning autobiographical comics with a story about teenage girls in a mysterious alien culture; Darryl Ayo explores a world of everyday super-powers […]

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Bruce Wayne: Returning

February 6, 2010 Michael Nimmo 0

Black & White covers for the ‘Return of Bruce Wayne’ mini series from DC – coming soon! “In these first two covers for RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE, artist Andy Kubert gives readers an exclusive glimpse […]

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Review: Vatican Assassin #1

February 2, 2010 Michael Nimmo 0

Last week I previewed Vatican Assassin #1 And now I have ahad a chance to read the first issue. This is where my 2000AD influences come into play. Reading the likes of Cannon Fodder and […]

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The Dead: Kingdom of Flies

January 29, 2010 Michael Nimmo 0

Most of Britain has fallen to an invasion of zombies. There is no escape from their insatiable appetite for living flesh. But in Oxford, city of the dreaming spires, an unlikely alliance between a crew […]

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