Dracula Vs. King Arthur #1 (of 4) (iPhone)

From Devil’s Due

Story by Adam and Christian Beranek
Art by Chris Moreno
Colors by Jay Fotos
Letters by Nick Beranek and Heather Addley
Editing by A. David Lewis

Vlad Tepes of the Dracul Order is in his final days. His empire is about to be overrun by an advancing Turkish Army. Vlad will certainly be killed and have his remains spread across the countryside…unless he makes a deal with Lucifer himself. He will become Dracula, the first vampire, and go back to the days of Camelot to destroy King Arthur.

Is Dracula the King of Crossovers?
I’ve seen him come up against most of the Marvel Universe (Captain Britain, MI:13, Dr Doom, Blade, Dr Strange etc), Spike, The Darkness and even Batman, Superman and Robin.
This has got to have been one of the strangest though.
The art is reall good – I like Merlin, gone is the old Gandalf clone and in is crazy middle aged hermit! There are some real nice layouts in the introduction pages too – showing the rise of Dracula and King Arthur.
You also get your moneys worth – if the rest of the 4 issue series is true to this form. Issue #1 is 41 pages long.
My only critisism goes to Comixology – you can’t slide through the panels like other comics – you get the whole page and need to pinch and swipe to zoom and move.
Issue #2 is available and roll on #3 & #4!

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