Spotlight Digital Comic Review: Ehmm Theory

Gabriel Ehmm has awoken to a world where zombie “little people” rise from graves, someone calling himself “Saint Peter” offers bargains, and his pet kitten can now “talk.”

Connected by blood and straddling the afterlife, Gabe and Mr. Whispers (the aformentioned talking cat) begin a universe-spanning adventure in the first issue of this mind-bending and genre-blending new series.


What starts off as one thing, rapidly turns into others in this twisted series of life, afterlife and talking kittens. Looking at the description above, I really didn’t know what to expect, and I can say that after reading each issue I still didn’t. THEN, when I finished it, I STILL didn’t. Wow! Unlike some mini-series this is just the beginning. I warn you, that this is not all wrapped up in a neat little bow, and that’s just fine!
What we do get is a cast we want to learn more about and mysteries abound. It’s a really enjoyable, funny, simple yet sophisticated read!
Ehmm is a character we can relate to, with all of us, and many of his thoughts are ours too. The supporting cast is excellent, with the development of them working well – some remain a mystery, but in all they are well done.
As a mini series this introduces concepts and ideas which are workable in the series – anything can happen! I really hope there is more to come from Action Labs here, as there is some world building here!

More than one world at that!

You can read Ehmm Theory here

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