Review: Vatican Assassin – The Graphic Novel

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Meet Bernard Campion – ‘BC’ – visiting Lunar Prime, the neutral city on the Moon, on a mission – assassinate the Governor! If he’s successful the reverberations will effect the survival of the entire human race!

It’s 2109 – BC is trying to take care of “business” during an out of control interplanetary war between The UTZ – Universal Trade Zone – the commercial power of Earth – and the UIN – the Universal Islamic Nation – based on Mars. BC poses as a priest but he’s really an assassin for the Pope of the New catholic Church…


A looong time ago I reviewed issue #1 of Vatican Assassin and now I get to read the whole story all in one!
At the time I said it has potential, and that it reminded me of 2000AD growing up. I think it has achieved it’s potential, giving us an epic story based around one man. We know there are more issues going on around him, but the perspective from this one person is practically unique in stories like this! I really enjoyed reading this and hope to see more from this character. The art combines some gritty close up shots with some wide space views as well – this is a very good concept. The supporting cast are very well done, each with their own agendas and not just for ‘BC’

If you want something different to read then try this, it’s space, but not total Sci-Fi!

Glow-In-The-Dark-Radio also have more titles available!

You can get Vatican Assasin from DriveThruComics for $4.99

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