Reviews: Grimm Tales Of Terror & Snow White

Grimm Tales of Terror #11
Rappaccini’s Daughter A botanist visits the in-home laboratory of a scientist, Rappaccini, who is known for his experiments with plants. During the botanist’s visit, he finds himself almost drawn to Rappaccini’s daughter. But it the temptation worth the consequences?
We haven’t had a plant based horror in this series yet, and I’m glad we waited, because this was an enjoyable read! There is an excellent twist to the tale, which keeps you guessing towards the very end – although if you know more about flowers than I do then you might get it earlier than I did (Its not hard to know more about them than me!) I really liked the art in this with the colours and plant styles – an great story!
Snow White One-Shot
The first of six special 2015 Zenescope 10th Anniversary One-Shots is here! The story of Snow White is told in Zenescope’s horror-filled reimagining of a classic! As Sela Mathers (a.k.a. “Snow White”) meets the seven dwarves, a child’s fairy tale quickly becomes a nightmare!
Quickly? More like straight away! This extra large one-shot kicks us off with a ‘different’ look at the seven dwarfs that we know. The issue is all about stories with Sela discovering another secret after all the others! And she’s not happy!
This is a really good fun story which hopefully with have links further down the road for the GFT team. It has brains and credits the characters with them too – especially the solution at the end!
Look out for a couple more one-shots from Zenescope coming soon!
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