Reviews: Cable, Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, Secret Empire & Doctor Aphra

My thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Marvel Comics

A new Cable series and we jump right into the premise. Cable is travelling through time – looking for someone, who is looking for something! I can only assume it isn’t good as this ‘someone’ is also handing out weapons to the worst people. These weapons are from another time, so we’ve got first, outlaws in the Wild West – they’ve been told about Cable turning up and have some high tech guns to go after him. Even so, they don’t last long! The next time jump takes us to ancient Japan, where there are some ronin with similar type tech with their swords and arrows. These seem to be more of a problem for cable. I’m intrigued enough to carry on. I’ve always enjoyed Cable, he has a grimness, but there is some humour there too!

Doctor Strange links in with the Secret Empire maxi-series and it all goes together well. We get some cameos from some of the other trapped heroes of New York, and that is only fitting. Strange’s sanctum has been taken over (no sign of Wong) and he is still using what magic he can to fight back. The action is frantic and fast paced, with some good commentary from Dcotor Strange as well. The ‘helper’ at the end is an interesting mix, and I’m sure this will have some ramifications at the end of this series!

Moon Knight’s arc and run conclude here, and this has been an enjoyable look at the mind of Marc Spector! The final showdown as the past and present collide. Marc gets some measures of revenge, as well as some nice acceptance of who he is. I hope Moon Knight isn’t away for long, as I enjoy the character.
The art and colours in this conclusion are superb!

We get more of the measure of the Secret Empire, with Captain America trying to do the big PR stunt with children, but there are chilling undertones (possibly a little too much ‘on the nose’?) I like that Cap goes from trying to be the public ‘nice face’, but when it comes to it he makes the big decisions. In this case it may be a decision that leads to war. We get some cameos from those who have joined – Superior Octopus, Taskmaster and someone else – he is revealed at the end of the issue and it’s a tough call to make, but an interesting one! Meanwhile the race is on to find the remaining parts of the cosmic cube!

Part three of the Screaming Citadel and things seem to be going from bad to worse. Aphra does look (occasionally) to have some redeeming qualities, but she is only in it for herself. The deck seems to be stacked against the rebels and Leia does what she can and Han is hypnotized. There is an idea, but I don’t think it is the best one….


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