Reviews: Grimm Fairy Tales & Spirit Hunters

Grimm Fairy Tales #8 & Spirit Hunters #10

My thoughts on two of the latest digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment


I must admit, when I saw that gargoyles were involved, I immediately thought of the Gargoyles of the Disney Channel show – I loved that cartoon!
These gargoyles are nothing like this. This issue has some murderous gargoyles who are obviously under some control. I say ‘some’ because it becomes clear that there is not full control here, and they will turn on their controller!
Skye works well here, and she seems to be getting closer to what has been happening and who the real villain of the piece is! We get someone new as well, I don’t know who they are connected to – if anyone, and I hope he is used in the future!

Ellen tries to go it alone, and there is a nice twist in this story. Most times when one goes it alone, they get in all sorts of trouble, and although there is trouble here (and Ellen gets into it) the team are also there to help. This does a good job of strengthening the bonds between them. We also get a look into what is the reason behind these spirits – and how to beat them.
Morgan is still in the background though, and I expect we’re going to have more of him as we’re not far off the end!

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