Reviews: DuckTales, 30 Days Of Night & Back To The Future: Tales From The Time Train

Some thoughts on this weeks digital comics from IDW Publishing

DuckTales #9

Donald and Scrooge go on a fishing trip, but when they stumble on the campsite of Ma Beagle and her boys, they realize they may have chosen the wrong lake! Plus, when Dewey starts sleepwalking, the kids try to wake him up-but it’s not as easy as it sounds!

Joe Caramagna – Writer
Antonello Dalena – Artist
Marco Ghiglione – Cover Artist


The Risk McDuck Refused has Scrooge being a little sentimental, as well as feeling his age. There is some fun time travel escapades, as well as a nice nod to the TV series. It gives us some fun action, as well as more family from the group!

The Frightful Family Fishing Trip features Scrooge and Donald spending some quality time together – of course that gets ruined, this time by another group having some family time – the Beagle Boys!
It’s a fun one, in fact, I enjoyed this one the most, as the duo reference other adventures and work things out together!

30 Days Of Night #6

The horrifying finale! Bloody terror has overtaken Barrow, Alaska, as hungry vampires seek out human prey in the endless dark. Can newly appointed (and newly widowed) Sheriff Stella Olemaun save the last desperate vestiges of humanity in the town before it’s too late?

Steve Niles – Writer
Piotr Kowalski – Artist, Variant Cover Artist
Ben Templesmith – Cover Artist, Variant Cover Artist


This final part of the story moves really fast. There is a lot of talk at the beginning, but that rapidly gets over with and then there are some forms of justice. The reasoning behind the vampires is excellent, as well as the anger of those in charge. The return we were waiting for was well done, and then it’s all action until the bitter end. I really enjoyed this issue, it left doors open for the future and told a well contained story. The end panels were especially good, with the return of the sun…

Back To The Future: Tales From The Time Train #6

With Jules and Verne held hostage by German spies, Doc and Clara must pull out all the stops to rescue their sons! Guest-starring Einstein! (Not that one, the other one!)

John Barber – Writer
Bob Gale – Writer
Megan Levens – Artist, Cover Artist


The penny drops. It really should be the pennies in this case as everyone understands who is who and most of the confusions are sorted out. Of course there is the time travel references, but they are quickly moved on. There is also an obvious cameo, which fits in nicely and is feel good moment for Doc Brown. This was a good series, and there have been some fun aspects. This story was well told with many twists and turns, but we got there in the end!

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