Review: The Mask Of A Thousand Tears – Death Walks With Me

From Europe Comics, a new digital comic from their excellent selection – The Mask Of A Thousand Tears – 1. Death Walks With Me

After a horrific battle in a mythical Asian land, a peasant soldier with a mysterious past encounters a young woman who has come to find the body of her dead fiancé. She is determined to travel to Takedo Castle and get her hands on the Mask of a Thousand Tears, a golden mask which will allow her to travel to the underworld and bring her fiancé back to the land of the living. The peasant, Masamura, accompanies Sadakyo on her quest. She discourages him but soon learns that she has no chance of surviving without his help. They are both determined, for different reasons, to see this mission through to the end, no matter what the cost. A story in two volumes.

Script by David Chauvel – Art by Roberto Ali

This is a story about a journey. Maybe issue #2 is about the destination, but this issue brings you there.

Nevertheless, the journey is very interesting. First, it tells the story of a journey across the battlefield. Or more exactly, away from the battlefield. The decision of the general to allow his retreat to go easier is the catalyst of this journey.

It is after this fateful decision that we meet both Sadakyo and Masamura. Later we get talk about destiny, and it seems that destiny does have a plan for these two.

Sadakyo wants to rescue her fiance from death – that in itself is no mean feat, but she wishes to use a mystical mask from far away.

The story of the mask we get later in the issue. It seems to be a thing of legend, and as with such things, its use comes at a price. This seems an important fact that Sadakyo has skimmed past.

Sadakyo’s quest leads her through the lands, and she seems to be very resolute in her quest to get this mask.

Masamura on the other hand wants to see the world. It seems that he has a troubled past, which is hinted at throughout the story – he talks a lot, but gives away very little. His outlook is very different to Sadakyo’s romance.

The story is really well told, with some nice twists and turns as we see the life of those around the two protagonists. The ending is well done and leaves us at a point wanting to read more.

The art is excellent, showing the cities, towns, villages and countryside really well. The action pieces are well put together.

You can get buy and get more information on this comic here

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