Review: Transformers #24

The Rise Of The Decepticons continues in Transformers #24 from IDW Publishing – Out now.

“Wheeljack: Orbital Decay”. Untethered from the world below, Cybertron’s former inner moon is in a decaying orbit around Cybertron’s sun. Wheeljack and his team race against the clock to save it, but the sun’s pull might not be their only problem.

Brian Ruckley (Author) Beth McGuire-Smith (Artist, Cover Artist)

This was an interesting read. Taking us away from the politics on Cybertron, and onto the moon. The moon was a forgotten part in all of this, with all its energon and people on board.

Wheeljack takes the lead, trying to stop the moon from going into the sun. You can feel his frustration, but he works really well. The team around him are well rounded and I like the way they bounce off each other.

There is some interesting backstory here too – the originator of the Acenticons and what they wanted. The beginning text (to Starscream) adds some of that too.

The action is less fights and more doing, which works well with the characters involved.

The ending adds something more here, and I’m looking forward to what comes next!

You can get Transformers #24 from IDW Publishing digitally on Amazon/ComiXology.

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