Review – The Lost Ages: Volume 1 – The Fort On The Moors

Out now from Europe Comics digitally, this is the first volume of a new story – The Lost Ages.

In the year 1000, the foretold apocalypse comes to pass, and humanity enters an age of darkness. Countless generations come and go before the sun reemerges; all of humanity’s once great knowledge is lost. Now, at the mercy of roaming packs of animals, the inhabitants of Anglia have formed clans that work together in a delicate balance to survive the harsh wilderness. Primus, one of the clan leaders, may just hold the key to their salvation, to secure a better future for his daughter Elaine and everyone else. But will his secret unite the clans, or tear them apart? And how much will Elaine have to sacrifice to see her father’s dream fulfilled?

Script by Jérôme Le Gris – Art by Didier Poli

Sometimes, before you do some world-building, you need to destroy the existing world. And that is exactly what happens here. The point at which this story deviates from our own history is well laid out. In the year 1000, the world as we knew it ceased to be. Darkness came and the amount of humans in the world rapidly decreased. Nature took over and things are a lot more savage.

Mankind came blinking into the sunlight of this new dawn and survival was the key. Things had to start again.

In this story, we follow a group of one of the new clans as they make their way to the fort (on the moors). It is explained that the clans move with the seasons and that they all have certain times at special, defensible, locations such as this.
The problem being is that it is not their time to take over the fort.

The buildup in this story is well told. There is a secret mission to the fort, that is the reason for the breaking of these treaties. I like the way it sets up the world too – there are attacks from the beasts of the world, and they are big and violent. This adds to the problems that are in this world and is a theme throughout.

The reaction of the other clan – even with the knowledge of the secret – is interesting and it adds further tension to this tale.

The secret itself is well done, and I like the link to the ‘old world’ and it shows us just how far removed from it all we are.

The art is magnificent – taking advantage of the story to show some excellent landscapes, and later in the story, some new locations. The style and decisions made here work really well and give you an idea of the kind of world that the clans live in.
Closer up, there are the battle scenes, which are frantic and well shown. They are brutal and bloody and show the chaos in the fights for the clan members lives.

This is an excellent start to an epic that I would like to see more of.

You can get The Lost Ages Volume 1: The Fort On The Moors from Europe Comics digitally here.

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