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Something a little different from Europe Comics, read all about these Assholes.

A golf course in LA, in the early hours of the morning. Two TV celebrities, the American Chuck Atkins and the British Simon Kennedy, meet up for a “friendly” round on the links. But as they make their way through 18 holes, things quickly unravel, leaving chaos in their wake… Because those overgroomed, perfect exteriors hide a lot of blemishes. This boisterous graphic novel written by American author Micah Stahl and illustrated by Belgian artist Bram Algoed takes up many central issues in today’s culture, from fame and narcissism to loneliness and accountability. At times tragic, often rowdy, and always funny, this is the perfect book for readers who love a wayward story drawn in an original style.

Written by Stahl Micah
Art by Algoed Bram


I’m not sure what I expected when I started to read a graphic novel called ‘Assholes’. It sounds like something to expect from Garth Ennis or Mark Millar, but this is something else.

You expect some assholes on the golf course, right? This takes that concept and puts it up a level. What we get are two uber-assholes. Working their way along the course from holes one through to eighteen. As the story progresses, the nature of these two is on full show. they try to one-up each other, abuse each other and all the while causing mayhem. This mayhem is not restricted to each other, but also to those around.

It’s graphic. It’s crude and it’s funny. I think I must have had a grin on my face all the way through. These two assholes are completely unlikable, but you carry on. What will they do or say next? Who will it happen to? What will become of them?

There is some nasty humour, there is school-boy humour and there is some (nearly) touching moments. They are few and far betweenn and this makes up the whole of the story as we see the entics these two TV personalities get up to.

that fame has surly gone to their heads and I like the fact that they are well-loved TV hosts. This makes what they are like off-set all the funnier.

The art is perfect for the slapstick style story. Making full use of the landscape mode, there is some brilliant scope as your eye is drawn across the page. I love the way the antics are shown on the page.

Looking for some mayhem, then check out these assholes.

*This is possibly the most I have written the word assholes*

You can get Assholes on ComiXology here and on izneo here from Europe Comics.

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