Review: Merlin & Hector #2

Out now from Red 5 Comics, this is the second issue of the series, this is Merlin & Hector #2.

While helping Alana find her uncle, Merlin and Hector forge their friendship. But nothing is easy: the threat of the Skinshifters is a serious and dangerous one, and Hector’s past catches up to him. And if that wasn’t enough, magic is still a mystery for Merlin.

Writer: Rodolfo Santullo
Artist: Jok
Cover Artist: Dexter Wee

We delve into this pre-Arthurian world more in this issue.

There are hints towards Merlin’s destiny and what is about to come about, but first, he needs to get there. This route adds a lot. Merlin still has a lot to learn, not only in terms of magic but also in the ways of the world. He doesn’t really know his past, and his outlook on the future doesn’t look good either.

We get our first bad guys here too, with links to the mysterious Alana from the woods, this builds them up, and their threat, very nicely. Not only adding some magic, but also some nastiness about them. Their link to Alana is interesting, makes sense, and bodes well for the future.

Hector is being rounded out well also. He’s not just a thief who was stealing because he was hungry, he has a form of honour and is willing to fight for what he believes.

The art continues to fit really well with the story, with some well-detailed characters and scenes. The fight scene, with its chaos, was excellent, and some of the panel planning really suits the comics.

A great #2 and something to get your teeth into!

You can get Merlin & Hector #2 by Red 5 Comics from your local comic shop or digitally.

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