Review: Transformers #37

From IDW Publishing, the war continues and there is more this week in Transformers #37

‘War Stories.’ 2000 years ago, the War of the Three-Fold Spark came to a close, ending an unprecedented era of violence on Cybertron and clearing a way for a bold new era.

But two kilocycles is practically nothing to the incredibly long-lived Cybertronians, so what answers can Cyclonus and Pyra Magna find in their past to help them survive the new battles of the present?

Author: Brian Ruckley
Artist: Anna Malkova

The war continues on two fronts here.

Until closer to the end, the current war is short on action, as Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus look to get some information on this old/new threat.

The threat is very real, as we get a look in on the old war, with Exarchon attacking Cybertron and the realisation of his powers. It’s very interesting and shows not only how strong he can be, but also his limitations. It’s always interesting to see how other Primes react too.

In addition to this, we see the point that Cyclonus snaps. After he fights in the war and the events of it – losing his colleagues, it was well done and links well to his mindset of the current Cyclonus very well.

There is the issue of Shockwave – how loyal he is, and what his plans are. Megatron has yet to feature in this, but if the possible future that Jumpstream saw, he will feature quite strongly.

This adds some urgency to the war. The War of the Three-Fold Spark is something that they will all remember and adds something extra into this civil war.

More immediately than that though is the issues dealt with at the end of the issue. How will Optimus Prime react? There is a lot going on and many characters, but they are kept well in the loop as we move forward.

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