Plainer Jane #4 & #5 With #6 Coming To Kickstarter In May

With issues #4 and #5 now available, The sixth issue of Plainer Jane is coming to Kickstarter in May 2022 from Broken Face Comics.

The darkly comic story of Jane Pearson, a seemingly ordinary teenage girl who becomes a brutally efficient killer for hire. 

Kickstarter backers got a double hit recently with two issues of the excellent Plainer Jane landing in their inbox/postbox. Both issues are now available on the Broken Face website here.

In these two issues, the level of the threat and the tension really ramp up. We discover more about this criminal gang and their hierarchy. There is some dissension in the ranks here too, and this is dealt with in a violent and bloody manner. It’s interesting to see how the Nexus are dealing with things, with no reason to suspect who is behind all of their recent problems.

Talking of who is behind the problems, Jane’s two jobs clash interestingly here, with a chance meeting that links the two sides to her in a very well done way. Jane finds out more about her employer, and what drives him to get her to do what he wants. It’s well played out, with some twisted aspects, especially with the ending of that part of the story.

The art continues to work really well – there are some interesting moments, both during a murder and during the more ‘mundane’ scenes where things really draw you into the world. The rainy day was especially well done.

Plainer Jane continues to be a wild ride as we don’t know where things are going to turn to next – check out the details of the series here, and you can buy them in print and digitally here.

PLAINER JANE is the darkly comic story of Jane Pearson, a seemingly ordinary teenage girl who becomes a brutally efficient killer for hire. With no training, no special skills, just her own cunning, brutality, and fearlessness, Jane leaves a trail of bodies behind her, ultimately going head to head with the feared and secretive criminal gang, The Nexus, in a war that could ultimately cost not only her life but the lives of everyone she loves.

In issue five, ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ we saw Jane’s methods escalate as The Nexus began to close ranks and move against her, while Tougard himself showed his own fearsome nature as he moved against the rot in the organization. In the meantime Lewey’s true nature was unmasked and his world was collapsed as he was forced to make the most devastating choice he could possible make.

Format: US standard comic books. 24 pages. 170gsm gloss laminated cover. Printed by Mixam Print.

The Team:
David Wilburn (Writer, Creator): After spending 20 years working as a Guinness World Record breaking escapologist, sword swallower, and stuntman (David Straitjacket, look him up!), he decided to return to his first loves, music and comics.
Starting his own publishing company firstly to release his own work, and then later the work of other talented writers and artists. He is very proud to say that he is still famous enough to have been a question on a recent episode of The Chase. He is Manchester born and based, and focuses on creating work that celebrates the city he loves.

Samir Simão (Sequential art): Samir is a professional penciller and inker from Brazil, with years of experience making comic books for companies like Mythos, Insane Comics, Killer Comics and others around the world. Titles he has worked on include: The Nobodies -Mytho, The Devil Tree, Killer Instinct, Miss Conduct, Speak no Evil, Sweet and Saulty, Children of the Rain, Anarchy Beyond the Walls, The Zee Brothers Zombie Exterminators and more.

The pre-launch page for the sixth and penultimate issue of Plainer Jane is up and running now – you can register here.

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