Review: The Magic Order 2 #5

From Image Comics is the penultimate issue of this second volume – this is The Magic Order 2 #5.

Cordelia Moonstone is the leader of the Magic Order after years of wasting her life on drink, drugs, and men. Now, one of those men from her past is back in Cordelia’s life at the worst possible moment—for the organization and for the world—as the Order faces its greatest threat yet. Don’t miss the penultimate chapter of this classic from MILLAR and IMMONEN. Soon to be a major series from Netflix.

Writer – Mark Millar
Artist – Stuart Immonen
COVER A & B – Stuart Immonen
COVER C – Liam Sharp & Ryan Sook
COVER D – Ryan Sook

Things are at their absolute worst here for The Magic Order. A betrayal has been shown and there is a lot going wrong with the world in this issue.

The final end plan is in place, and there are some excellent scenes as we see the remaking of the world in this new order.

Within this issue is some interesting scenes outside of the main battle. There is a good look at the world before when the head of the order has to perform in front of their peers – it’s well done, and I do wonder how this will link up to the endgame story of this all.

There is also another death – one hinted at in the previous issue, but I am unsure on what to believe where this (and the creator) is concerned.

I like this issue, and it felt like a very fast read, although it sets up the last issue nicely. The art is fantastic, with some large bombastic panels and pages.

Let’s see how this ends up…

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