Review: Lucifer #18

May 19, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

My thoughts on Lucifer #18 from Vertigo     There’s a lot going on in this issue. Yes, there’s a lot of talk, but there is a fair amount of action – and direct action. […]

Review: Lucifer #17

April 21, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

    Things don’t look good for Lucifer – he’s been evicted from his club, the Presence is plotting against him with his son amd there’s rebellion and war in hell. Nevertheless Lucifer is looking […]

Review: Lucifer #16

March 18, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

  There is less of ‘god’ in this issue, but that doesn’t mean that it is no less problematic for our favourite fallen angel. He’s quite lucky that he’s armed as the forces from Hell, […]

Reviews: Flash & Hellblazer

February 24, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

My thoughts on two of this weeks digital comics, from DC Comics     Concluding this arc with The Rogues, Flash works out his relationship with the Rogues (as they do with him) and there […]

Review: Lucifer #15

February 17, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

  Lucifer is doing what Lucifer does best in this issue as he plots and schemes. He has a plan in place for getting Gabriel’s heart – this was a fun bit as we all […]

Reviews: Hellblazer & Flash

January 30, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

My thoughts on two of this weeks digital comics from DC Comics and Vertigo     Mercury reveals a lot in this issue, but she doesn’t reveal it all which is quite interesting. What is […]

Review: Lucifer #14

January 19, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

  We’ve got a mad God, demons, angels and the humans are stuck in the middle. There’s quite a lot going on here. We’ve got Lucifer planning (or scheming), Gabriel trying to get himself in […]

Reviews: Flash & Hellblazer

November 26, 2016 Michael Nimmo 0

My thoughts on two digital comics from DC Comics     We get some explanations as Flash and Kid Flash find themselves in the shadow world. They’re not alone as the Shade is there to […]

Review: Hellblazer #3

October 29, 2016 Michael Nimmo 0

  This is becoming a twisting turning tale, with everything connected. It’s interesting as we begin to learn the connection between the stories being told in this arc. Constantine has some of his own problems […]

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