Reviews: Cinderella – Serial Killer Princess, Grimm Tales Of Terror, Grimm Fairy Tales & Hellchild – The Unholy

My thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment


Cindy’s path of carnage continues in full flow in this issue, and although I don’t think anything sticks here, I found it really entertaining. We get a fuller idea of Cinderella’s mission as she carves her way through the Realm Knights and their colleagues. Each death is very entertaining, and no two deaths are the same. In addition to all this gore, we get Cindy’s ongoing commentary – in her head, out loud and also in the editorial boxes.
We’re halfway through now, and it is enjoyable!

We get the Invisible Man in this new volume of Grimm Tales Of Terror! This is an interesting tale, with less horror and more sci-fi (in my mind) it’s an interesting twist on the Invisible Man trope and I think it was very well done in terms of style, story and art. The protagonist is a very interesting one – you don’t warm to him – and shouldn’t, but you still get a bit of a kick from the ending!
Next issue – disembodied arms!

Skye continues as Guardian of the Nexus in this second issue of the rebooted Grimm Fairy Tales. We get a small link to the Cinderella mini series and it looks like there is a potential issue in the long run in this series. Meanwhile we have another appearance from mythology with the Snow Queen.
We get some additions to the mysteries hinted at in the last issue and it seems there are a lot of unknowns both to Skye and worryingly with Shang! This Snow Queen seems unique and she is playing the pronoun game so we don’t get any more understanding! The mystery of Skye’s helper and final page are excellently done too!

Hellchild and Jezebel think they’ve got the job done, but we know differently! It seems that all Hellchild has done is escalate matters, and matters do escalate! This was an interesting issue, which starts to explain what’s going on, but doesn’t give us all the answers! Hellchild is an interesting character and you can tell she is trying really hard, but people and monsters make this really difficult!
I’m not too sure on this series though, and I’ll give it a try next issue, but it is on notice – I just found it too slow and a little boring!

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