Fund Me Friday: Caspian Porter Issues 0 & 1

From SnowyWorks, who are the publisher of Wall Breakers and have been featured on DriveThruComics is a new Kickstarter with two comics – Caspian Porter Issues 0 & 1

A science fiction, action and adventure series!

Issue 1 Description:
Caspian Porter is on the run! Hot on his tail are the SMCI Corporation's corporate cronies, ready to commandeer the ship, Assurance, a vessel that Caspian was given to perform an important task; shipping much needed supplies to the outer colonies. He failed, and now it's time to pay back the corporation with his life!
Follow Caspian, along with his Service Robot named, C.R.B. (Curbie), on this wild new adventure as he finds himself in heaps and bounds more trouble along the way. Caspian will face death, time, and prehistoric dinosaurs in this first issue of an ongoing series!
24 pages full color.
Issue 0 Description:
This special prelude issue tells the events leading up to issue #1. Caspian awakes in the bed of an unknown woman and recalls the night before where he drunkenly gambled away something he doesn't own. Low-behold, this unknown woman is the wife of the CEO, the CEO of the company Caspian works for!
16 pages full color

The print versions are only going out in US/Canada/Mexico – but, the digital versions are available worldwide!

Check it out here.

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