Review – Belle: King of Serpents

From Zenescope Entertainment this week, anther one-shot of monster hunter Belle. This time she’s battling the King Of Serpents.

Great evil has been slipping into the Grimm Universe over the last few months, and no corner is safe from its insurgence. Belle is about to discover this firsthand as she comes face-to-face with one of the most vicious and deadly creatures in existence: The King of Serpents!

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Julius Abrera

Some more fallout from Van Helsing’s adventures across reality. This time involving the monster hunter Belle.

It starts off, as do many of Belle’s adventures, with an attack. This time she’s fighting off a group of harpies. I think they are a unique enemy, but they are quickly dispatched. Belle then gets a call about something else.

This is where the King of Serpents comes in. From a different reality, with links to the Belle of this other world.

He knows Belle, or thinks he does and thinks he can get his own way. Transporting Belle to Neverland, there is a reptilian battle.

Of course there are stakes. The King of Serpents has bitten one of Belles friends, and there is an antidote. It gives Belle something to fight for and also helps with her trust issues.
The finish of the issue builds into these issues, and adds something for the future really well.

It looks like we have another ‘big bad’ wandering the Grimm Universe, and something for Belle to deal with in the long run. The connections are interesting and add something personal to Belle.

The art is good, and the Serpent King and his minions are well shown. There is a decent amount of action here, but it all makes sense and works well.

You can get Belle: King of Serpents digitally from Zenescope Entertainment on Amazon/ComiXology.

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