Review – Grimm Universe Presents Quarterly: Steampunk

A new extra-large edition is out now from Zenescope EntertainmentGrimm Universe Presents Quarterly: Steampunk. My thoughts are below:

The Grimm Universe is growing, and it’s not just from within the current confines of known space and time. Recently, new worlds have been shown a doorway from their dimension leading into the multiverse, and some residents have decided to step through. Seeing little opportunity in his dying steampunk world, Abraham Van Helsing Jr. and his crew of pirates have found their way to Earth. What they find here could change everything for them, and the residents of this world may suffer for it.

Writer: Lou Iovino
Artwork: Rodrigo Xavier (pgs. 1-15); Alessio Mariani (pgs. 16-23, 28-34 44-47, 58, 59); Ismael Canales (pgs. 24-27, 35-43, 48-57); Allan Otero (60-72)

This isn’t our Van Helsing.

That’s the point of this story. Taking a character that we have known and read about in all of the Zenescope Grimm Tales and changing it. This is ‘What If’ with a crossover into new worlds.

It works. If you were to know nothing about Van Helsing, you can pick this story up and read, and enjoy it. The characters are well rounded, with a lot of information. It’s a larger size comic too, so it gives the characters time to breath, while also giving us some good background.

Van Helsing is an interesting character – I like the way he is. Scoundrel, and captain. He has forged his crew and has some absolute loyalty from them all. He just wants a better life and to survive.

His methods to gain this lay in a grey area – taking a drug that is used and well known from his home dimension/earth and using on this new earth is problematic. It’s something that get addicts hooked on it – and only it. From some of the flashbacks though, it seems that there are other uses for it – these may prove better in the long run.

The build-up of the story is well told, with plenty of action from the get-go. I like the way all the characters are introduced and used. There is scope to use them even more. Interspersed with the main story are flashbacks which not only show how they all got on this earth, but also how they joined the crew. It’s very well done, and adds to the story.

The art is excellent. There are a lot of action scenes to look after, and they are well crafted. The tones and styles for the flashbacks also add something to the story, whilst also being different to the main part.

This is an excellent read for Zenescope readers and non-readers alike. With some nice hints to the Van Helsing we know, maybe there is a return due of these characters?

You can get Grimm Universe Presents Quarterly: Steampunk from Zenescope Entertainment digitally on Amazon/ComiXology.

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