Review: SPOOKIDS 1

Serialised on Ko-fi by Mark Jackson, SPOOKIDS 1 is coming soon in a collected edition.

A twice-monthly sci-fi-monster comic, just the way you like it. Let’s get weird! New strips every other Friday!

Ko-Fi works like Patreaon. Supporting creators, and you get something out of it back. In this case from Marc Jackson is, among other works, is SPOOKIDS. Volume 1 is being collected soon, and I had a chance to look at it.

This is a really fun read. It works well as a full issue, but I can also see how well it works serialised on a two-weekly basis. There is enough storytelling and fun to satisfy you for one issue, while giving you enough to look forward to in future.

Crazy inventions are the order of the day – in this case a helmet which has made reality something different. I’m not going to give away why or how, as that would ruin the fun for the reader. What you do get though is a new reality – Marc really has fun here, not only with the art, but the reactions of those involved. There is a fun cast of characters here, with some good humour and little winks to the reader.

The art style is great fun, showing the crazy story off well, with some fun content.

Imagine, if you will, a rapid change in everything – what would you do? There are some who just continue on as you can see. This makes the story all the more funny. There is some excellent Beano-style art and humour here. I like the way this runs.

I think this is a good mix of some fun adult humour, but with enough for younger ages.

This is good fun and a great one to read.

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