Review: Transformers #29

A new story arc in the war on Cybertron. This is Transformers #29 from IDW Publishing.

“War World: Titans”! Sentinel Prime has a secret—something that could change the fate of Cybertron—something that Megatron wants. It’s a battle for control of the Forge as the Autobots and the Decepticons come face-to-face in battle for the first time!

Brian Ruckley (Author) Anna Malkova (Artist, Cover Artist)

Megatron is getting everything together and we discover what Starscream knew. It’s a nice link and it makes what both Optimus Prime and Megatron are after.

Megatron starts off this issue by showing his ruthless side. If he can’t control the Titans, he will destroy them. His team he uses its interesting, with Mindwipe getting some good time. It looks like he’s going to be used more.

Optimus, on the other hand, has discovered the secret behind the Titans and what else there is. I really liked his talk with Perceptor. Perceptor is a little sceptical about Optimus’s credentials, and the Matrix. It’s a good twist and I like the way it goes.

This was an interesting issue. With so many characters and balls in the air it does a good job of keeping it all working.

We’re still at the quiet war part of this story and it’s great to see familiar names. The characters are building up and the threats.

The art continues to be excellent and there are some good sections – I especially like Mindwipe with his feet up!

You can get Transformers #29 digitally from IDW Publishing on Amazon/ComiXology

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