Review – Grimm Spotlight: Mystere Voodoo Dawn

A spotlight edition from Zenescope Entertainment this week – this is Grimm Spotlight: Mystere Voodoo Dawn.

Mystere has been an orphan, a victim, a lover, and a queen. But through it all she has always been Mary Medina. Now, residing in downtown New Orleans and in charge of her life for the first time, everything is going perfectly. That is, until a new threat, or make that threats, have come to menace the life of our local necromancer, and after this outing, she might be the one in need of resurrection.

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Babisu Kourtis

The say that pride comes before a fall, and this introduction certainly shows you that.

This was a good issue about a character who has been out of the limelight for a while. Mystere is an interesting character, with a lot of backstory still to explore. This issue gives you a lot more of that, while still retaining some of the mystery.

We learn some of the background to Mystere’s powers – their source and what she can do with them. We also learn that there are others too – with different powers and also different moral codes. It does seem like the deck is stacked against Mystere.

Even so, she does gain something – she gains a guide and the way it works out is an excellent plan. The noble sacrifice works in an ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ type way and adds something to the Voodoo hero for the future. I always felt that a guide/teacher would be something good for the future.

This was a well-paced issue, with some nice action scenes. It was well done in terms of the scales of the action and works in all the right places. One piece of action also worked into the tease at the end.

I enjoyed the art style and there was a lot to encompass – big action scenes, storms, and spirits – the colouring worked out well with the spirits.

This is an issue worth picking up – both as a one-shot, as well as something to refer to in the future adventures.

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