Review – Van Helsing: Steampunk

Following on from the special steampunk issue from Zenescope Entertainment, this is the next logical step. This is Van Helsing: Steampunk.

Van Helsing is heading to Los Angeles to soak up the sun for a much needed vacation. But not even a trip to the west coast can be easy for the famed vampire hunter as a new team of steam-powered villains are going to do their part to cut her trip short. Liesel will have to use every trick in her book to stand a chance against this new threat!

Writer: Lou Iovino
Artwork: Vicente Cifuentes

After the Steampunk one-shot I did wonder how long it would be until these two Van Helsings’s met. It seems that it didn’t take long!

It is an interesting point, as I suspected that Zenescope would let us sweat on how long it would take until this happened, but things are now moving on. Our Van Helsing is now aware of the Van Helsing from another dimension, and what he is up to.

It works well, Liesel is wanting a vacation, but after a random attack Liesel’s curiosity gets the better of her, and that leads her down the road of investigating. It moves pretty quickly from there, with the investigation into the trade and manufacture of the ether drug.

I like the way it builds up. Liesel meets and fights most of the crew, until she has a head to head with the alter/male Van Helsing. The ‘magic’ that happens when they touch is interesting and I wonder how that will play into future encounters.

This is a bit of a departure for Liesel – there are no traditional monsters to fight, so where do they all stand here?

This is a nice tease for what is to come for both Van Helsings’ and I enjoyed reading this.

You can get Van Helsing: Steampunk from Zenescope Entertainment digitally on Amazon/ComiXology.

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