Review – Myths & Legends Quarterly: Dragon Clan

New this week from Zenescope Entertainment, this is the latest large-sized quarterly comic. This is Myths & Legends Quarterly: Dragon Clan.

Spoken of as only rumor and myth, the Dragon Clan was thought to be nothing but a legend. Now, after more than a millennia, they have risen again, more powerful and deadlier than even the legends claimed.

Writer: Raven Gregory
Artwork: Sergio Arino, Julius Abrera, Ismael Canales

A very interesting prologue here – full of threats. It’s a good tease, as we don’t know the context from where it comes. Are these the good guys or bad? A nice hook.

This was an interesting story, and it looks to be leading into something a lot bigger than the parts featured here. Zenescope are very good at this big event building, with some nice teases of what we can expect in the future.

This story was interestingly told. With two very different types of flashbacks. The first is of the Dragon Clan. This details on how and why we get to the events featured in the prologue.
After that, we get the hosts – and how their background gets them back to where we end up. It is very interesting and shows the different personalities and how they react in this situation. It also shows what drives them in this story.

There are some good fight scenes as well – both with dragons and with swords. The colouring works really well, and helps with the battles.

This was an interesting story with some great art and style behind it, it adds a little more the the mythology of the realms and we want to see more.

You can get Myths & Legends Quarterly: Dragon Clan from Zenescope Entertainment digitally on Amazon/ComiXology here.

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