Review: Grimm Fairy Tales #50

A special conclusion to the Dark Book saga running through Grimm Fairy Tales in this issue from Zenescope Entertainment.

This is it, the final chapter of the Dark Book! Everything has been leading to this, but will Skye and her friends be able to rescue Shang and make it back out alive before their stories come to an end?

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Eman Casallos, Vicente Cifuentes, Dario Tallarico, Guillermo Fajardo, Moy R, and Julius Abrera

Completing the saga that started with Shang going missing. I like the way that this series has built to this conclusion. The issues where I thought things were a little slow all had their place. There are some excellent callbacks to the previous issues.

This issue puts all that together and we get some of the real story. It’s well put together and has just enough for a satisfying conclusion. The threat was well done, with some great action. The team on the page were well tasked and there are some excellent moments for all characters. I’m glad to see Shang back as well.

This ending of an arc does it’s job well. There are still storylines to come, with some being teased in previous issues, while this also gives us some hints as to what problems can be on their way. That is for the future though, and it doesn’t get in the way of telling this ending.

I enjoyed the art, there were some mixed styles, and some good colouring too – with the big battle really going for it.

This was a great finish, and it looks like the next issue would be a good jumping on point for new readers.

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