Review – Robyn Hood: Goldilocks

A new one-shot story from Zenescope Entertainment, this time with a new villain for Robyn. This is Robyn Hood: Goldilocks.

All of Robyn’s skills are put to the test as she tries to survive Goldy’s carnival of terror.
Not only does she have to defeat an endless string of murderous circus freaks, she also has to find the strength to face down her own inner demons if she plans to survive.  

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Babisu Kourtis

This was an interesting one-shot. Building on some of the hints and parts of previous ones, and adding in something new (or old).

Robyn getting some formal training is well done. She has natural talent and luck, but this gives something extra for her. I do wonder who knows what.

We also get an interesting look at Robyn’s childhood. I like the way things pan out and it seems to link well to the Robyn we know today.

That link may be stronger than we think as the final panel teases.

I like the setup to the story, and the action itself was well done, with a good amount going on. The use of the panel sizes worked really well, with some good angles and movement.

This was an interesting read, which seems to be a good tease towards something going in the future.

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